CSA Member Frequently Asked Questions

HOW MUCH PRODUCE CAN I EXPECT throughout the season?

The amount and type of produce one will receive changes with the seasons. In the spring one can expect more leafy greens and spring roots. As summer arrives and temperatures go up, the share gets more robust, consisting of familiar vegetable staples like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers etc. As the temperatures begin to fall the return of hardy greens and cold loving root crops will become apparent. We do our best to ensure each share contains vegetables at their peak throughout the season.. While everyone’s vegetable needs are different, our shares provide 8 tems per week in various amounts per item


During our CSA distribution days and while we have something to offer for UPick, you must come visit the farm! For all other visits please send an email to info@obercreekfarm.com and we'll see how our schedule looks.

What is this crop?

Throughout your CSA season you will be presented several vegetables which you may not have previously encountered such as kohlrabi, diakon radishes, mustard greens etc.  We grow a wide variety of produce and herbs to allow our members to experience new flavors and find new favorites. If you ever are unsure how to use an item, ask a farmer, visit our farm stand where offer for sale a fantastic cookbook and great resource called “From Asparagus to Zucchini”.This book provides information, recipes, storage tips for all the vegetables we grow.  Finally asking fellow CSA members how they may use their crops will provide ideas and friendships to last. 

What happens if I can't pick up my share?

If you are unable to pick up your share during the scheduled CSA pick up time and cannot have anyone else pick it up for you will will donate your share to a local foodbank. Unfortunately we are unable to hold shares for future pickups and will not subsided miss pickups for future pickups.


Ask a family member, friend or co-worker if they could pickup your share. If your share is unable to be collected we will donate your share to a local foodbank.


As long as you let us know who will be picking up your share for you, send an email to (info@obercreekfarm.com), it is not a problem at all. We won't give away the shares to just anyone! If no arrangements are made for a pick-up, shares are graciously donated to the local food pantry. 

What's Pick Your Own?

Pick-your-own is an opportunity for our CSA members to get  more hands on with their shares. Depending on what we're harvesting throughout the season, with UPick, you pick! During CSA distribution after you grab your share at the farm stand, hop on over to the farm and harvest your own! Get a little taste of what it's like to harvest and come see where your flowers and herbs grow! 

I don't see something in my share, but I see it in the Farm Stand. Why?

Based on availability during harvesting there are some items that we simply do not have enough of to offer for our CSA members. We are always welcome to suggestions on items you would like to see in your share for the current season or next, so send em in! 

Be sure to check out our Obercreek Farm CSA member group on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! Updates on harvesting and share details, opportunity for questions and feedback, and information.