2019 Woven Stars Farm Egg Share (11 Bi-Weekly Distros)

2019 Woven Stars Farm Egg Share (11 Bi-Weekly Distros)


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About Woven Stars Farm:

Woven Stars Farm is a small, diversified biodynamic farm in Ghent, NY. Woven Stars is managed and farmed by partners, Elizabeth Galeucia and Emerson Martin. Elizabeth comes from a background in animal science. Emerson studied horticulture and grew up on a small raw goat dairy. We raise a variety of 100% grass-fed, pasture and woodland grazed meat and eggs. All of our livestock are managed using intensive rotational grazing methods which means we move all of our animals to a fresh new pasture daily. This method is healthy for both the soil and the animals! We uphold high animal welfare standards. Every animal is able to express their instinctual behaviors and species-specific characteristics to remain healthy. 

Benefits to purchasing a share?

By purchasing a CSA share you will receive all the items in the share at a lowered price compared to buying them individually. You will also be directly supporting the farmers by providing them with funds to jumpstart their growing season. This allows them to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to grow food. You get to connect with your food and experience the ups and downs of our farming journey. Most importantly you will be supporting Organic and Biodynamic agriculture! 


Egg Share: 

$77/Share with 11 pickups. ($80.00 with Online Sign Up, $3.00 processing fee)

One dozen pasture raised eggs is included in each pick up. Pickups are distributed every 1st and 3rd week of the month (June 2019 - November 2019)