Your Farmer: Justin Seelaus

Among the next generation of young farmers who are passionate about quality food production, land conciseness, community presence and good old fashion hard work, we are proud to have Justin Seelaus as our Farm Manager.

Obercreek Farm, managed and run by our Farmer Justin Seelaus grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia never truly experiencing the what it is like to live a farm life. As a bonafide Eagle Scout, he spent much of his youth growing up in the hills and mountains of PA until he received his bachelor's degree from Delaware Valley College in Agronomy and Environmental Sciences. While attending college, he began his farming career and quickly accelerated. He has worked and managed several organically certified farms in PA and NY and has relocated to the Hudson Valley to become apart of the Obercreek Farmily. With a passion for hard work, quality food he quickly fell in love with the lifestyle that is farming.  

In his spare time, you may notice him zipping around the farm tending to smallest residents on the farm, Icelandic/Romney Sheep and Kiko Goats. Him and his partner Lexi Berko, own and operate, pasture-raised livestock operation, Wild Lea Farm, utilizing 30 acres of the Historic Obercreek Estate in his spare time. When not tending to your crops, or his livestock, Justin enjoys backpacking, beekeeping, helping other and enjoying a local bite or drink with friends and family. 

By supporting Obercreek Farm, you not only support local organic produce, you support farmers like Justin by providing them funding for access to seeds, equipment, labor and a sustainable wage. 

Make sure to introduce yourself when you have the chance. His goal here at Obercreek is to provide you with the utmost quality in both experience and produce, and is always excited to hear your experiences here at Obercreek or even share his time watching a sunset with you at our farmstand. 

Contact him at:


Your Farmer: Marissa Cusick

After graduating from West Chester University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geography, Marissa headed out to Washington State to complete an Americorps year with the non-profit EarthCorps. Although it was a challenging, beautiful, and rewarding year in environmental restoration, it quickly became clear to her that agriculture was the area that needed the most work in terms of sustainability. After discovering the rising presence of small organic farms, she decided to redirect her career trajectory and return home to regroup.

Marissa spent three seasons on farms in Southeastern Pennsylvania before joining the team at Obercreek Farm. She first learned the basics at Blooming Glen Farm and since then, more progressive and regenerative approaches to agricultural land use at Carversville Farm Foundation. Marissa has completed a certificate in Permaculture Design and is primarily interested in creating resilient farm ecosystems in light of severe climate change while building human community and encouraging connection to the land we use to produce our food.

When not on the farm, Marissa spends her time reading, stretching out on the yoga mat, and practicing her musical instrument. She is also excited to explore all of the hiking trails that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Like Justin, you can say Hey! to Marissa anytime! She loves getting feedback and idea sharing that could spark new and improved ways of action, being, and service.

Contact her at: